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Disclaimer / Exclusion of Liability

1. Content of this online presence

The operator cannot be held liable for the timeliness, correctness, completeness and quality of the provided information. Claims of any kind, particularly claims for material or non-material damages, that result from the usage of erroneous or incomplete informations, are expressly excluded. Independent of the legal basis, the provider is liable only for damage caused deliberately or due to gross negligence. All information on this online presence is for information only and without responsibility. Also, the content is subject to change without notice.

2. Links and references

For direct or indirect links to external websites, i.e. websites that the operator is not responsible for, liability can only come into effect, if both of the following prerequisites are met. Firstly, the operator demonstrably has knowledge about the current content of those external sources. Secondly, it is technically possible and possible with a reasonable effort for the operator to prevent the usage of the external content in question. The operator declares expressly that for links, that have been purposefully implemented by the operator, no evidently illegal content was identifiable at the time of linking. The operator has no influence on the present and future content of third party webistes. Thus, we explicitly are not liable for any illegal content that was changed after the time of linking. All aforementioned disclaiming statements are valid not only for links applied by the operator, but also for links applied by users of guestbooks, forums and / or mailing lists, that are implemented by the website operator. For illegal, erroneous or incomplete content and for resulting material and non-material damage only the website operator of the linked website is liable and not the operator of the website that only links to illegal, erroneous or incomplete content.

3. Intellectual property rights

The website operator is anxious to follow copyright of all images, tone documents, video sequences and texts, that are used throughout this online presence and in general aims to use self-made or license-free content. However, the mere use of content on our online presence does not imply that these are license-free and not succumbed to third party rights! The copyright for self-made published content resides with the author of this website. Usage of such material in other electronic or printed publications is only permitted after being granted by the website operator.

4. Data protection

The input of personal data, such as names, emails and addresses, is mandatory. As far as technically and reasonably possible, all content can be used in an anonymous or pseudonymous way, respectively. This website can be viewed completely without using javascript. If activated, javascript which is only used for detection of the browser type and country of origin. None of this data will be stored and no cookies are used by us.

5. Legal effect / severability clause

This Disclaimer is part of the online presence from which it is linked, i.e. www.funktronic.de. If any one or more section or sentence shall for any person or circumstance be held to be illegal or invalid, such circumstance shall not affect the validity of any other section or sentence of this Disclaimer which is operable without the offending section or sentence. The latter shall remain effective notwithstanding such illegal or invalid section or sentence.
Copyright - third-party content

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BOS Ausstatter Commander 6 handset in title bar
DRK Meschede Desk-integrated Major BOS 2 in title bar

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