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Table-top control panels PMR/DMR

Major 4b
for analogue and DMR radios
FT-Nr.: 681500

Major 4b + VoIP option
FT-Nr.: 681510

Major 5b
for analogue and DMR radios
FT-Nr.: 714500

Major 5b + VoIP option
FT-Nr.: 714510

Major 6a
FT-Nr.: 720010

Table-top microphone TKE
FT-Nr.: 691420 (2 buttons)
FT-Nr.: 691421 (1 button)

Table-top microphone TKE-2
FT-Nr.: 691430 (2 buttons)
FT-Nr.: 691431 (1 button)

Desk Microphone KMC
FT-Nr.: 691450

Desk Microphone KMC2
FT-Nr.: 691451

Table-top control panels BOS + interfaces

Major BOS 1a
FT-Nr.: 610010

Major BOS 2b
FT-Nr.: 631020

Major BOS 4c
FT-Nr.: 620030

Major BOS 8a
FT-Nr.: 631110

Desk-integrated versions:
Major BOS 2b
Major BOS 4c
Major BOS 8a

Interface Major BOSX to MTM800FuG/MTM5X00
FT-Nr.: 903070

Interface Major BOSX to SRG3900
FT-Nr.: 903060
FT-Nr.: 903060.F (Opt. soft-key buttons)

Versions for Major BOS 2b:
FT-Nr.: 903060+    FT-Nr.: 903060.F+

RJ45 distribution frame
FT-Nr.: 903020 (2x3fold)
FT-Nr.: 903021 (1x7fold)

Handheld control sets + accessories

Commander ZBO
(PTT handset w/ loudspeaker)
FT-Nr.: 412012

Commander ZBO for Motorola
MTM5200/5400/5500 + DM4400/4600

FT-Nr.: 412012.M

Commander BOS A
FT-Nr.: 401101
FT-Nr.: 401201 (open-ended cable)

Commander Zweitbesprechung R
(PTT handset with call buttons and LEDs)
FT-Nr.: 412002

Commander 6 FMS
FT-Nr.: 460010 (w/ Rest O)
Commander 6 BOS
FT-Nr.: 460145 (w/ Rest ED3)

See manual for additional versions!

C6-Interface for BOSCH FuG8b-1
FT-Nr.: 480052.ANA (analogous only)
FT-Nr.: 480052.E
(+ MTM800 FUG ET / MTM5500)
FT-Nr.: 480052.M
(+ MTM800 FUG / MTM5200/5400)
FT-Nr.: 480052.S (+ SRG3900)

FT VOIP - control panels and interfaces

Major BOS 4VD
FT-Nr.: 640140

Major BOS 4VD - Option "4 out of 8"
FT-Nr.: 640148

Major BOS 8VD
FT-Nr.: 640180

Major BOS 4VD/8VD
Versions for desk integration

FT-Nr.: 640145/640185

Major BOS 1V
FT-Nr.: 640010

Major BOS 4V
FT-Nr.: 640040

Major BOS 8V
FT-Nr.: 640080

FT638 - Digital radio box
FT-Nr.: 638000 (Standard version)
FT-Nr.: 638001 (IN/OUT version)
FT-Nr.: 638010 (Standard version, 19")
FT-Nr.: 638011 (IN/OUT version, 19")

FT636B IP Interface
FT-Nr.: 636050
FT-Nr.: 636060 (19" version)

Interfaces (2/4-wire via DC or AC control, phone-to-radio)

Audio-USB Interface for DMR
FT-Nr.: 900020

FT630-2 DC control unit
FT-Nr.: 692000

FT634a Line-Interface
FT-Nr.: 693000
FT-Nr.: 693001
(C: channel remote control)
FT-Nr.: 693002 (CL: +Line-monitoring)
FT-Nr.: 693003 (TRC version)
(available as 19"-version)

FT635 UELE (phone-radio)
FT-Nr.: 635315

Please specify software version:
FT635T analog (+Repeater SLR5500)

FT635 REL AC - relais control unit
FT-Nr.: 635310

Headsets and related accessories

Headset with inline volume control
FT-Nr.: 001556

Headset w/o inline volume control
FT-Nr.: 001555

Wireless Headset WL-DECT 2
FT-Nr.: 001561 (Headset)
FT-Nr.: 001560 (Base station)

Foot switch with cable
FT-Nr.: 001530

Headset adapter
FT-Nr.: 903500

PTT foot switch, microphones and communication solutions

FT-Nr.: 313000

Gooseneck microphone
FT-Nr.: 691401 (28cm)
FT-Nr.: 691403 (38cm) Image

FT SPΛRK communication solutions
FT-Nr.: 313xxx
Customised hands-free solutions on request!

FT SPΛRK for JVCKenwood
FT-Nr.: 313130 (single operation)
FT-Nr.: 313140 (double operation)

Additional devices and accessories

Configuration Box for Commander 6 BOS/FMS
FT-Nr.: 903100

Distribution Frame DMR
FT-Nr.: 903050 (2-fold)
FT-Nr.: 903051 (3-fold)
FT-Nr.: 903054 (4-fold)
FT-Nr.: 903056 (6-fold)

FT624 Distribution Frame
FT-Nr.: 903002 (2-fold)
FT-Nr.: 903003 (3-fold)
FT-Nr.: 903004 (4-fold)
FT-Nr.: 903005 (5-fold)
and more...

DUC5 Short text display
FT-Nr.: 101031 (40cm gooseneck)
FT-Nr.: 101032 (w/o gooseneck)
FAD5 Status display modem (for DUC5)
FT-Nr.: 101005

UGA18X Module
FT-Nr.: 631302

(replacement for 631300/UGA00 and 631301/UGA00X)

Integration Tray for Major control panels
FT-Nr.: 904000