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Configuration Software
Update software for FT636B, FT638, Major BOS V/VD and Major 4b/5b
(can also be used to backup configuration files)
Configuration suite for Major 4a/5a
Major version 3.20 and newer
(contains Major4a5a.exe V1.13 + Texteditor.exe V1.11)
Configuration software for Major BOS 4a/8a V1.07
Configuration software for Major BOS 2a/2b V1.33
for S/N 3799 and newer
Configuration software for Major BOS 2a/2b V1.08b
for S/N earlier than 3799
(Old version!!!)
Bootloader FT
Software for updates via serial interface e.g. TETRA interfaces 480052.E/.S, Commander 6 and more
Backup software for register-based FunkTronic devices
Current Firmware and Example Configurations
Firmware package July 2022 for Major BOS 4VD/8VD and FT638
Example Configurations for Major BOS 4VD/8VD and FT638
Firmware for Major BOS 4c
Version 1.07
Firmware package 2022 for Major BOS 1V/4V/8V
Firmware package 2022 for FT636B
Documents and Leaflets
DHCP-Server Setup
CAD-drawings of desk-integrated Major BOS X (dwg files)
CAD-drawing of desk-integrated Major BOS 4VD/8VD (dwg file)
Equipment ED2 - ED3
Equipment K2 - K3
Terms and conditions
Ethernet connections
Itinerary to Wartenberg
Conversion from dBm to mV
Short manual for Hyper Terminal
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Excel sheet register programming Major 4a + 5a
for versions older than 3.20
EU - declarations of conformity
Table hexadecimal <==> decimal