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The well-known keypad layout and display symbols results in intuitively secure handling and a minimum of training effort


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Compatibility with older
Major BOS devices allows for a stepwise migration. Additional data applications can be used via our integrated PEI multiplexer



Components developed to be distributed and redundant enable fail-safe operation without a "single-point-of-failure"



The persistence and long-time support makes FunkTronic products a sustainable investment
- - - - NEWS: FunkTronic Crossborder D/A in live operation - - - -

In cooperation with the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis we developped a crossborder solution that enables the communication of a control center that still uses analogous radios with personnel that is equipped with digital (TETRA) radios. Besides the mandatory bidirectional voice transition, a complete end-to-end status transition including acknowledgement is realized for the first time.

We are glad to announce that, after a short trial period, the FunkTronic Crossborder D/A is in live operation now, highlighting our experience in both - digital and analogous - radio control systems. Please find a more detailed description in the respective leaflet. If you are interested in a similar solution, don't hesitate to contact us.

(November 2018)

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- - - - NEWS: Sandan CarManager tested successfully - - - -

Sandan CarManager is a 7" touch display, that ideally complements the functionality of our new table-top control panels Major BOS 4VD and Major BOS 8VD. Depending on its configuration the CarManager is able to provide a subset of the following features:

CarManager_01 - Alerting of personnel via the TETRA network
- Display of feedback from alerting
- Display of personnel status and GPS position
- Offline map based on Open-Streetmap© (only Germany atm)
- Use of several other maps via internet
- Start one-touch call with predefined ISSIs
- One-touch selection of predefined talkgroups

The Sandan CarManager was confirmed to operate via the PEI multiplexer of the FT638 digital radio box. Hence, it can be used in addition to our Major BOS 4VD/8VD consoles with the same TETRA radio. During introduction of the CarManager the connection of one or two TETRA radios (e.g. 1x talk group + 1x data group) will be possible with the standard version. Please contact us if you are interested in the Sandan CarManager.

CarManager_02 CarManager_03

You would also like to read our previous news? News