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- - NEWS: Major BOS 4VD/8VD - DMR Support (available now) - -
Major BOS 4c

Our table-top consoles Major BOS 4VD and Major BOS 8VD for TETRA radios are now also supporting DMR operation via the FT638 digital radio box. Supported radio series are currently: Motorola MOTOTRBO (DM4000 series), Kenwood DMR/NEXEDGE (NX5000 series) and Hytera DMR (MD785i).

Besides the support of standard conversation with caller dispaly, users can actively choose zones/channels directly via the console. In order to allow for dialing of calls, too, we are currently developing an external numpad for the Major BOS VD series, which is expected to move into production thoughout this year.
(April 2022)

Major BOS 4c replaces Major BOS 4a
Major BOS 4c

Our table-top console Major BOS 4 has undergone an internal redesign. As well as Major BOS 4a and its predecessors, the new Major BOS 4c allows for the direct connection of up to 4 different radios. The connection is accomplished via analog multi-wire connection, enabling the operation with radios from all manufacturers that provide a suitable accessory connector.

The new Major BOS 4c is a direct replacement for Major BOS 4a in our portfolio. Defining this console series, the intuitively simple user interface is retained. The configuration is now accomplished via a web interface, so that no external software or product-specific cable is needed for that. It is no longer necessary to open the device for the adjustment of audio level or jumper settings, too. And if firmware updates should be necessary, these can be applied on-site using our NetLoader.

(February 2022)

- - NEWS: FT SPΛRK - Robust (hands-free) Communication Solution for Use in Buildings or Vehicles - -
FT SpΛrk

Our FT SPΛRK system enables simple radio communication via two separate microphones and up to three PTT switches. The SPΛRK box is the central unit, to which the microphones and PTTs are connected. It also realizes elemental functions, such as reciprocal microphone muting.

The SPΛRK PTT (foot PTT) in combination with our well-known gooseneck microphone solves several topical issues. It allows contact-free radio operation to meet current hygienic standards in areas with varying users. For practical and optical reasons the SPΛRK PTT can also be installed covered or partly covered. Another growing demand is perceived in vehicles, as legistlation in several areas prohibits the driver‘s use of handsets or fist microphones. Here, the installation of our SPΛRK PTT in a footwell area that is not critical for driving safety (e.g. PTT via the left heel) can enable radio operation in compliance with new regulations. Be sure to follow the local safety requirements when choosing the in-vehicle mounting place.

The SPΛRK Box also includes a socket for connecting a PTT indication (e.g. LED) in case there is no visible or audible response from the radio. For a convenient installation process FT SPΛRK is available with taylor-made cable lengths. To enable further connectivity a system plug with all-pin-wired-connection from the radio can be realized.

Please find enclosed our leaflet and contact us to discuss your potential applications.

(January 2022)

- - NEWS: LAST TIME BUY for Monitoring Interfaces TB-Box4 und MI2000-X - -
TB-Box4 + MI2000-X

Our devices TB-Box4 Monitoring-Interface (FT-No. 631115+631116) and MI2000-X (FT-No. 631201+631202) will be discontinued. Please let us know about remaining demands until November 30th, 2021 and specify if the devices need to be incl. housing or PCB only.

Meanwhile, the usecases that these devices were covering can be achieved by contemporary means. Digital voice recording is now part of Major BOS 4VD / 8VD, when it comes to rehearing the latest conversations, or can be outsourced to external third-party documentation solutions that are recording digital audio and data streams. Decoding/Encoding of audio signals is possible using our FT636B IP interface or in form of an add-on PCB by using our universal decoder/encoder module UGA18X.

(November 3rd, 2021)

- - NEWS: Internal Voice Recorder for Major BOS 4VD and Major BOS 8VD - -
Major BOS 4VD

In order to further accomodate the common needs of a dispatcher workstation, we added the internal voice recorder functionality as a new feature of our control panels Major BOS 4VD and Major BOS 8VD. If the voice recorder is activated, all outgoing and incoming conversations are recorded. Depending on conversation activity, approx. the last half an hour is available to be replayed.

The user can activate the replay function via the Major's menu. This directly results in replaying the most recent conversation. Navigating through all recorded calls is conveniently possible using the "+"/"-" buttons.

Display: Replay of an incoming call

This option is a selling feature. In order to use it, the connected FT638 digital radio box needs to be equipped with Option FULL.

(September 2021)

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- - NEWS: Interface for Commander 6 BOS (with option TETRA) for Ascom/Teletron radios - -

Due to significant requests to operate Commander 6 BOS with FuG8b-1 of the Ascom/Teletron-type, another batch of our interface C56FuG8/9A (FT no. 480051) is produced. This allows for the complete control of the respective radio via two Commander 6 BOS with rest ED3.

The interface can also be purchased as TETRA versions, as usual, for Sepura SRG3900 (480051.S) and Motorola MTM800 FuG / MTM5x00 series (480051.E for radio versions with Sub-D9 connector, 480051.E for radios without Sub-D9 connector).

If there is foreseeable demand on your side, please contact us. The delivery of these interfaces will be possible in April.

(February 2021)

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- - NEWS: Commander ZBO for Motorola - Replacement for PMLN6481 - -
- - NEWS: Major BOS 4VD/8VD for DMR - -
Commander ZBO

The Motorola version of our Commander ZBO handset (FT code: 412012.M) can now be purchased together with a cable for direct connection to radios with a 26-pin Motorola Accessory Connector. Suitable radio models include MTM5200, MTM5400, MTM5500, DM4400/DM4401 and DM4600/DM4601. The Commander ZBO for Motorola can also be used as a functional replacement for Motorola PMLN6481 which has been discontinued. To allow for convenient monitoring of the radio messages, the handset's rest comprises an adjustable loudspeaker. If desired, several of these handsets can be connected in parallel to a single radio. Our new English manual can be found here.

Tischmikrofon KMC2

At the moment we are working towards the connection of DMR radios to our table-top consoles Major BOS 4VD and Major BOS 8VD. As a first step, we target the support for Motorola MOTOTRBO and Kenwood DMR/NEXEDGE systems. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in such a solution, so we can learn about your requirements at an early stage.

(September 2020)

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