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The most important TETRA functions are accessible directly at the control panel

To our
VOIP products



The well-known keypad layout and display symbols results in intuitively secure handling and a minimum of training effort


to the max

Compatibility with older
Major BOS devices allows for a stepwise migration. Additional data applications can be used via our integrated PEI multiplexer



Components developed to be distributed and redundant enable fail-safe operation without a "single-point-of-failure"



The persistence and long-time support makes FunkTronic products a sustainable investment
- - - - NEWS: FunkTronic - 40 Year Anniversary - - - -
Tischmikrofon KMC1

In January 1980, FunkTronic was established as "Funk Tronik GmbH" in Schlüchtern/Germany by its founders Jürgen Möller and Lothar Hoffmann. Years of purposeful groundwork in the fields of electronics and telecommunication finally culminated in the formation of a successful corporation. Shortly thereafter, FunkTronic received the first significant order of Commander handsets with selective call input capability, laying the foundation for further advancements.

40 years FunkTronic, that is 40 years of secure products, 40 years of professional guidance and 40 years of solution-oriented customer service. Following our reputation as a reliable and independent manufacturer of electronic devices in the realm of radio and telecommunication equipment, industrial enterprises, public safety authorities and international organisations trust in our products and services.

Intuitive handling, the focus on crucial features along with persistence and long-time support are characteristic attributes of FunkTronic products. Our platform-independent software architecture prevents common vulnerabilities and further enables low start-up and response times.

Looking to the future, you can expect the same commitment towards you, our customers, that has constituted FunkTronic during the previous 40 years. In order to clearly transport that message at first sight, we have adapted our logo by using a new, more significant slogan:

FunkTronic - secure, for sure!

Tischmikrofon KMC1

- - - - NEWS: Desk Microphones KMC and KMC2 for Kenwood - - - -
Tischmikrofon KMC1 Tischmikrofon KMC2

In cooperation with Kenwood Deutschland GmbH, we developped the Desk Microphone KMC and Desk Microphone KMC2. These can be used with all Kenwood radios in a plug&play fashion via their front-side 8-pin microphone socket. The proper connection cable is already included.

The FunkTronic Desk Microphone KMC is a direct replacement for the Kenwood KMC-53W. The Desk Microphone KMC2 is a complete novelty. With its 16-button keypad it now allows you to control your Kenwood radio directly from your working desk.

For more information please have a look at our short manual.
(October 2019)

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- - - - NEWS: Major BOS 4VD/8VD - Example Configs, Information Leaflet and Firmware Updates - - - -

Have a look at our new information leaflets for Major BOS 4VD and Major BOS 8VD to get a fast overview of general features and available accessories. As a versatile radio communication platform our FT VOIP system is powerful, convenient and easy-to-use within a multitude of domains.

In order to simplify the configuration of our table-top consoles for typical fields of application and to allow for a seamless first contact with our system, we have prepared example configurations for Major BOS 4VD, Major BOS 8VD and FT638. An overview sheet of the IP parameters used in the configurations can serve as documentation of the system. You can find the respective documents in our download section.

Furthermore, you can now find the current firmware versions for download, too. We recommend to update already existing systems with the current firmware.

(August 2019)

You would also like to read our previous news? News